Monday, April 13, 2015

SpRiNg BrEaK Fun!

Top Mt Constitution the very highest point in the San Juan Islands!   We could see all the way to Canada and it was so beautiful!


 Our attempt at a selfie, haha! 
 Beautiful Rosaria Bay and Resort, such a lovely spot!   We loved the hotel room, the lounge restaurant and the indoor pool.  The outdoor pool was a bit cold but we all took a quick dip.

The little town of Eastsound was so cute, with quaint shops and bookstores.  We want to come back!  

   Riding the ferry to our destination was half the fun, we made a quick stop at tiny Lopez Island before going to Orcas Island where the Rosario resort was located. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Preston's Favorite things

Preston has played 2 seasons of little league football and he really loves it.  He loves being aggressive and pushing himself.   He is not afraid to make contact.  He plays mostly defense and is understanding the game more and more.  See his quarterback sack below.   Go #18! 


Adair loves Preston, fun to see them interact together.  

These two like to joke around sometimes.  It seems like they have become better friends since they have been the only kids at home. 

  Doing the Sponge Bob Dance!

We traveled to California for Grandpa Batemans Memorial.  We will miss Grandpa terribly and Preston has been especially sad about this.  Our quick Thanksgiving trip for his Memorial was a lot of fun, we loved going to the beach, the Memorial on a sailboat in the Santa Barbara bay and spending time with cousins and also meeting Ryan Pulham, Emily's boyfriend. 

A quick trip to Utah during December to see the Temple Square lights, spend time with Christian and Katie, and attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert.   Great times. 

No room in the car for Chris and I so we fit in the trunk, yikes!

  SCOUTS:  Moving from Cub scouts to Boy Scouts

Katie and Christopher gave this sweatshirt to Preston for Christmas, they found it at a thrift store.   It is a little big which means it is so compfy and just right for Washington winters.  
Preston wears it almost everyday. 

   Another wedding!   Emily and Ryan married January 31, 2015 in the Ogden temple
Getting ready for the reception--this is where I dance for the full two hours ( and ask  people "how much will you pay me if I dance for the full two hour reception?"   I think he earned about $30.  

 Preston had a little altercation with Caleb's foot! 

Fun little trip to Lake Quinault and Olympic National Forest for February's midwinter break.  
 This is the largest Spruce tree in the world!

SPRING BREAK 2015 with Fitzgeralds
Katie and Christopher came for a visit and we had such fun visiting tulips in 
Mt Vernon and then over to San Juan Islands--Orcas Island and Rosaria resort

Preston loves hanging out with Chris, his Beats headphones and his new long board.  

So great to have a cousin to hang out with!  and wrestle with!

   Long boarding at Chamber's Bay

  Beats headphones, long boarding, Ping Pong,  card games and card tricks with unique Bicycle cards, and many ideas and inventions.  Preston loves to learn and is constantly exploring new ideas and interests.   He has started computer programming and he has a book of his own inventions. 

   Great season of basketball with Coach Ben and helpers Caleb and Christian.   Preston was an aggressive point guard, loved to drive to the basket or pass off for the assist.  

 Happy 11th Birthday Preston!  

Chris and I built this in a day, K'nex rollercoaster!